Laminate Flooring Installation

laminate flooring
Laminate Flooring Installation

Obtain Professional Laminate Flooring Installation
Laminate flooring is extremely popular for its scratch resistant and burn resistant surface. It is known that these types of floors are cost effective and can definitely give your home or business that modern and upmarket appeal. When looking for laminate flooring make sure to find a company that has experience in laminate flooring installation as you are going to want to have it professionally installed.
Laminate flooring installation has to be done correctly in order for it not to warp or become damaged. The following pointers need to be considered when installing this type of flooring:

  • The installation surface needs to be dry and even.
  • Decide between a foam and rubber underlay.
  • Ensure that you purchase a little extra laminate flooring to cater for installation errors.
  • A 10mm expansion gap needs to be left around the perimeter of the floor. This will ensure that the flooring doesn’t warp should it expand and contract.
  • Only install a laminate floor on the inside of your home. While it is water resistant it cannot be installed in open or outside areas.
  • All carpeting needs to be properly removed before installing the laminate floor.
  • Many laminate floors have panels that simply click into each other and form a floating surface over the underlay.

The benefits to installing laminate flooring are many. You can choose to have one installed in your home or office and even have colour coded skirting boards to complete the look. When approaching professionals in the flooring business you will find that you can have your laminate floor installed with little fuss and have an installation guarantee to fall back on should something go wrong.
For the best laminate flooring installation services contact Mat Floors. They will provide you with a complete flooring solution today.

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