Professional Laminate Flooring Installers

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Professional Laminate Flooring Installers

FAQ: Your Laminate Flooring Questions Answered by Professional Installers


Q: What are the options for adhesion with laminate flooring?

Today there are many manufacturers who produce planks capable of interlocking with one another by means of an innovative clicking system. Professional installers recommend this system above the traditional glue-based system since it allows easy access to individual planks when repairs need to be made. It also simplifies installation and removal.
There are some cases where glue may be recommended, such as between individual planks with badly manufactured clicking systems.

Q: So is it really just a case of clicking the planks together and laying them on the floor?

In an ideal world the answer would be yes. Unfortunately though, it’s never that simple since a good installation depends on a number of things. These include ensuring that the subfloor or underlayment is completely smooth and that moisture barriers are present where needed. It’s also rare that the planks you buy will fit the room’s floor 100% – you’ll most likely have to cut a few planks, if only to fit under the door jamb.

Q: Would you recommend the use of an installer then?

Modern laminates are marketed as a great DIY exercise for enthusiasts. To ensure that you take all the variables into account, however, it is recommended that you invest in the services of a professional to make an assessment of the room at the very least so that you know what is required to complete the job successfully.

Q: What are the requirements for subfloors? Can I install over an existing floor?

The planks can be laid on hardwood, plywood, concrete, and just about any other existing surface. Some (though not all) planks can even be lain over existing heating systems. A key requirement, however, is that the surface is level, sound of structure, and clean. In addition to ensuring the proper moisture barriers are in place where needed, it is suggested that you let the individual planks acclimatise to the room for 48 to 72 hours prior to being lain.

Q: Great! Any other tips?

Yes. If you’re unsure, always ask for advice from the professional laminate flooring installers. While the internet is a great resource, it has to be kept that the information is often assembled by professionals who work in other countries or geographic locations where the climate is different. Since the planks are made of wood, they are subject to contraction and expansion as moisture and heat levels vary.
If you need advice on a specific topic or problem you are experiencing with regards to laminate flooring installation, simply get in touch and we’ll ensure you get the professional assistance you need.

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