Professional Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring
Professional Laminate Flooring

Cost Effective and Professional Laminate Flooring Installation Services Available
Re-doing your flooring in your home and even in your business presents you with a variety of flooring options. Laminate flooring is a firm favourite for many in both South Africa and Europe. Its versatility and ability to fit in with modern and upmarket trends is one of the reasons for this. Laminate flooring has proven itself to be scratch resistant, burn resistant and moisture resistant. Much more, one just couldn’t ask for! When looking to have laminate flooring only consider companies that are able to offerprofessional laminate flooring installation at a cost effective rate.
Mat Floors in Johannesburg offers professional laminate flooring installation that is guaranteed to last. Installing your own laminate flooring might seem simple enough, but there are things that need to be considered that are probably better left to the professionals. Laminate floors have a tendency to expand and contract according to the weather and moisture levels in the air. For this reason a 10mm gap needs to be left around the perimeter of the floor to cater to this expansion and contraction. The floor surface needs to be even and dry in order for successful installation. An underlay made from either foam or rubber also needs to be correctly installed before the laminate flooring is laid on top of it. Laminate flooring is usually made of panels that click firmly into each other. If not installed correctly these panels can warp and become damaged.
Laminate flooring is known for its tough wear and tear resistant surface. It is known to be able to withstand busy thoroughfare areas and is available in a variety of colours and shades. Some flooring can even be supplied to look like tiles!
When looking for professional laminate flooring installation services there is simply one place to go. Contact Mat Floors for more useful information and advice.

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