Professional Underfloor Heating

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Professional Underfloor Heating

Professional Underfloor Heating For The Cold Winter Months
Professional underfloor heating may use rather less electricity that you had imagined and if you plan your heating installation carefully and only make use of the experts, you stand to gain all ’round advantages. Underfloor heating uses less electricity than traditional types of heaters like oil and electric heaters, and if you install it under the two largest rooms in the house (typically the dining and sitting room), you can effectively heat an entire average-sized home.

Do We Really Need It?
Do we really need professional underfloor heating in a country with hot summers and comparatively mild winters? We certainly do, and it was once again demonstrated during a 2011 winter that saw many parts of the country experience snowfalls and sub-zero temperatures. Just because it gets uncomfortably cold in South Africa and not lethally cold, it does not mean you have to shiver in your lounge, wrapped in a gown and blanket.
You are going to end up switching on a heater anyway and once you do, you are using electricity less efficiently than professional underfloor heating would have (gas is not that cheap either and often in short supply during winter). Underfloor heating does not only heat the entire room and most of the house, but it is also far more comfortable to walk on a heated floor with bare feet and because of the uniform distribution of heat, the entire climate in the room is enhanced and not just a localised spot near the heater.


How Underfloor Heating Works


  • High-technology heating conductors from cold weather countries like Germany and France are used
  • These are employed in conjunction with the best quality heat-resistant polymers to render the most professional underfloor heating solution
  • Electrical running costs are further reduced by the use of a pure aluminium shield for maximised efficiency
    A Custom Job
    The efficiency of your installation is further enhanced if the heating elements are all custom-installed to suit your room layout and configuration, rendering a professional underfloor heating solution that is both effective and efficient. The heating pads should be laid by hand on-site to accommodate the shape of your space and pre-made pads are therefore not ideal because their predetermined size is limiting. In addition, it is important that your heating pads are only installed by qualified professionals.
    Feel free to contact us today for the most professional underfloor heating solution available in South Africa.
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