Installation of Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring
Installation of Laminate Flooring

Proper Installation of Laminate Flooring
With so many great styles to offer, any home owner can benefit from the installation of laminate flooring. It’s very versatile and will fit in perfectly with any room; whether you are revamping your office, spicing up your restaurant area, or simply doing additional work at home. Laminate flooring has been designed to mimic the look of wood; and you can even install ones that look like ceramic tiles. It’s all about style – and laminate flooring offers a variety of stylish colours and surfaces to compliment your décor.
Laminate floors consist of four layers that have been securely bonded together with the use of heat. It is then topped off with a clear layer of aluminium oxide; which adds protection to the materials underneath, as well as being stain-resistant. The second layer consists of a combination between aluminium oxide and melamine, and this lies on top of the wood base. The core of these materials consists of dense fibreboard which has been saturated in resins to help resist moisture. At the bottom of this you will find a stabilizing layer that has also been treated with resins; and forms the basis and structure of laminate floors.
Experienced laminate flooring installers will agree that these materials are perfect for all seasons, since the natural fibres will contract and expand as the humidity changes. This makes laminate floor ideal for any residential or commercial space. These floors are not meant to be attached to the subfloor; but rather sit on top of it. This allows the flooring to move with the humidity changes.
Laminate floors are also easy to maintain; since they can be cleaned by using a mild, non-abrasive cleaner for spills. You can also use a damp mop with a mixture of ammonia and water to clean marks and stains; and use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt around the edges. Another benefit of laminated floors is their affordability compared to wooden floors. It’s the perfect alternative for home owners and contractors who want to use cost effective materials but still maintain that modern, wooden look throughout the area. Laminate flooring has been around for more than 30 years, and continues to provide quality and style to any home.
When it comes to installing laminate floors, you can choose from a variety of designs and colours to fit in with your current décor. They are the preferred choice of many interior designers and offers versatility and affordability for everyone. Installation of laminate flooring makes for a great addition to any room; and with proper care and maintenance, can last for years to come.

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