Quality Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring
Quality Laminate Flooring


Top Quality Laminate Flooring Is Durable And Elegant

Top quality laminate flooring is a new-wave solution to an old problem and at last offers you a beautiful floor that is also eminently practical and surprisingly affordable. Our laminate flooring installations carry a one-year guarantee and the cosmetic wear layer is guaranteed for a full fifteen years, so you are assured of the highest possible quality. Our laminate floors feature advanced engineered construction:

  • The top cosmetic wear layer is made of an extremely durable resin-based melamine that is scratch-, burn-, stain- and scuff-resistant.
  • This layer is bonded to the core; a high-density fibre board that is moisture resistant and makes for a stable walking surface.
  • This hybrid construction rests on a foam underlay, but a rubber underlay can be optionally specified for a more quiet-walking floor.


Laminate Floor vs. Hardwood Floor

So, what are the main differences between our quality laminate flooring solutions and traditional hardwood floors?

  • Hardwood floors use real, scarce hardwood that is expensive; laminate floors are engineered floors that use no expensive hardwoods.
  • Wooden floors have to be installed above grade, but laminate floors can be installed either above or below grade and on top of nearly any other floor type.
  • The appearance of a hardwood floor is derived from the actual wood; a laminate floor has a melamine top layer that is imprinted with high-resolution photographs exactly resembling real wood.
  • Wooden floors require intensive care, oils and waxes, whereas a laminate floor requires minimal maintenance and can be mopped and swept.


The Advantages of Top Quality Laminate Flooring

From the above, it is obvious where laminate floors’ strengths lie:

  • They are far more affordable than real hardwood floors
  • Laminate floors are more resistant to casual damage
  • Laminate floors need no special care
  • A large variety of finishes are available and these are not only hardwood finishes; the cosmetic wear layer can be imprinted to resemble any type of natural flooring
  • Each laminate floor is supplied with colour-matched, scratch-resistant skirtings


The Elegance of Real Wood

Now you can install a beautiful, elegant floor that looks exactly like a hardwood floor at a substantial cost saving. Not only that; you play your part in protecting our valuable natural resources and our dwindling hardwood supplies by opting for an engineered floor that looks like a natural floor. You buy peace of mind too: we guarantee our installations and floors, because we have every confidence in our top quality laminate flooring solutions.

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