Why South Africans Prefer Laminate Flooring in Johannesburg

Why South Africans Prefer Laminate Flooring in Johannesburg

laminate flooring

Looking for beautiful lifelike hardwood flooring at a fraction of the costs of the real thing? Join millions of South African homeowners and invest in laminate flooring in Johannesburg. Laminate flooring continues to set records and break boundaries as its popularity simply continues to grow. There are so many reasons why this form of flooring is fast becoming one of the most used in South Africa.

One of the many reasons behind laminate flooring’s popularity is its characteristics of not harbouring dust, making it ideal for people suffering from allergies and asthma. Cleaning is a breeze, as you simply mop with a damp mop and your floors are clean. Maintenance and upkeep is simple as can be and you don’t ever need to worry about spills damaging the floorboards, as you can mop it up with ease.

Imitate Real Hardwood Floors with Laminate Flooring in Johannesburg
One of the many great benefits behind laminate flooring’s popularity is the fact that you can imitate the appearance of real hardwood flooring. As a multilayer synthetic flooring product, it is fused together during the lamination process. It uses a photographic applique of real wood under a clear protective layer, giving the sense of walking on real hardwood flooring.

This adds to the aesthetic appeal of the home and can even boost design elements, at a fraction of the cost that hardwood flooring would go for. Contact Mat Floors to learn why we are one of the leading suppliers of flooring in Johannesburg and for more information on our extensive range of flooring products.

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