Spring Interior Design Trends Forecast

Spring Interior Design Trends Forecast

Spring Interior Design Trends Forecast

Spring is finally upon us. If youve noticed that your home isnt looking as bright as you want it to be lately, or if youre just in the mood to herald springs arrival and reflect it in your homes dcor, then read on for some tips to make this happen. With these design tips, you can bring the joy and hope that comes with spring into your home.

Trend 1 Going Green

More and more South Africans are adopting green practices. Staying eco-friendly is becoming more important not only in the types of vehicles we drive and where we eat, but also in how we live. This trend is likely to continue for a long time, so if you want to invest in a lasting design for your home, going eco-friendly is highly recommended. Use toxic-free house paints, eco-friendly furniture and antique cabinets that have been repurposed.

Trend 2 Vintage Cabinet Hardware and Light Fixtures

If you are looking to make a statement in your home this spring, then you cant go wrong with vintage light fixtures and cabinet hardware. Brushed metal hardware is great for giving your home a romantic feel too.

Trend 3 Colour Palettes

Bring the colour of spring into your home with theme inspired colour palettes ranging from beaches, mountains and coastlines. They can include turquoise, mossy green and ocean blue.

These colours can also offset beautifully against your durable laminate floors and beautiful window blinds. Celebrate spring by giving your homes dcor an overhaul with these design trends that are sure to stay around for a while to come.

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