Top 3 Mistakes you are making with window blinds

Top 3 Mistakes you are making with window blinds

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There are common mistakes that many home owners make when installing window blinds. From choosing the wrong blinds for the space, to using the incorrect measurements and other more painful mistakes.

Often the challenge lies with being too spoilt for choice. Since window blinds are not a thing that can be changed every month, making the right choice the first time around will save you a lot of time and money. Here are a few mistakes people often make and how to correct these if you have already made the mistake.


Choosing blinds that are not fit for purpose

Keeping the purpose of the room in mind will help you a great deal. If you are liking for blinds for a busy, messy room like the kitchen, you might want to choose roller blinds so that you can roll them up when you are cleaning and cooking to avoid staining.

Not understanding the material of blinds

A huge part of not knowing how to care for blinds correctly is not knowing what material they are of so that you can purchase the right cleaning agents. Special brushes for cleaning the smaller spaces between blinds are available, ask the manufacturer for cleaning instructions.

Getting the size wrong

Many people do not measure the window space correctly before purchasing blinds. No matter how tempting it may be for you to walk into a department store and picking up blinds, do not. Not everyone is skilled enough to cut blinds to size on their own. Rather opt for custom blinds from trusted provider like us. Contact us today for a quote on custom blinds for your home.

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