Types of Floors That Are Suitable for Garages

Types of Floors That Are Suitable for Garages

Types of Floors That Are Suitable for Garages

Your garage floor takes a lot of abuse from oil drips, moisture, chemical spills and dirty grime throughout the years. Choosing the best floor type for your garage will ensure you get many years’ reliable service from your investment. There are many garage flooring options out there, but when you get past the aesthetics, which option will offer the best protection against stains and deterioration? And which option is easier to clean and hide cracks and other surface problems?

There are generally two types of garage flooring – coverings and coatings. If your garage floor is in good condition, you can choose either of the options. For a floor that has many pockmarks or cracks, a covering will be better as it covers and hides damage. A coating brings the tendency forward of highlighting blemishes. Coverings are also designed to be immune to moisture problems that ultimately makes coatings peel.

Quality Garage Floor Coatings

Coatings include stains, sealers and floor paints, as well as epoxy paint. Coatings can generally cost less than coverings, depending on which type you choose. Keep in mind that coatings cannot be used where the ground moisture rises through concrete, and keeps it constantly damp.

The many different options available can quickly overwhelm buyers. If you need advice on the best type of garage flooring available, contact Mat Floors today. We are always happy to provide our customers with the advice they need to make an informed purchasing decision.

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