Types Of Laminate Floors

laminate flooring
Types Of Laminate Floors

There are several types of laminate floors, which one is best for you?
Under the carpets in many old buildings and homes lie hidden beautiful wooden or parquet floors. To have these floors installed in your modern home would cost a small fortune. Wooden floors give an ambience and warmth to a room that carpeting and tiles just cannot match. However, there are now many different types of laminate floors available on the market which can give a room the same style as wooden flooring but at a fraction of the cost. Most laminate floors are made from a resin-based melamine that is both durable and easy to clean. Laminate floors consist of planks that vary from 6mm in thickness to 17mm. It is important to carefully research all the types of laminate floors on the market before selecting what would suit you best.
There are also many different patterns and colours in the types of laminate flooring. Most of the patterns and colours closely resemble that of wooden flooring. The types of laminate floors also vary depending on the processing technique or the method of installation. Glued laminate flooring is made of planks that are glued together side by side but not to the concrete. Floating glue-free laminate flooring consists of planks that fit together like a great jigsaw puzzle. Once the pieces are fitted and locked together, the planks can be very difficult to remove. However, if damage should occur to one plank it is possible to replace it.
It is important to contact a reputable and reliable laminate floor specialist to help you choose the best option for the space that you would like the laminate floors to be installed in. It may also be advisable to have the laminate flooring installed by a professional to ensure an even flat finish. You can also choose between a rubber underlay or standard foam underlay. Although the rubber underlay is more expensive, it can reduce noise quite substantially.
Choosing the right match for you from the varied types of laminate floorsavailable on the market is easy when you do the proper research and consult the professionals. For further information on these products and services visit www.matfloors.co.za or call us on 011 830-1265.
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