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Under Carpet Heater

An under carpet heater can chase away those winter blues
As South Africa braces itself for another chilly winter many people are heading out to the local gas supplier and stocking up on gas cylinders which will help keep their homes toasty and warm when the rains start to fall in the Cape and the wind starts to creep under the door on the Highveld. But as many of us know there’s going to be a problem with sourcing those gas bottles at some point during the winter. There is an alternative, an under carpet heater. By installing an under carpet heateryou can ensure that your home stays toasty even under the worse of winter weather conditions. This who worry about Eskom power cuts can also rest assured. South Africa’s electricity provider has assured us that these cuts will by and large be a thing of the past during winter 2010. Even if this was not so under carpet heaters retain their heat for quite some time even when the electricity goes off. Your under carpet heater also reduces energy costs to your home. Under floor or carpet heating will reduce the households energy bill due to the fact that a single room installation (usually in the largest room of the house, the lounge or dining room) will heat the entire area of most average sized homes, eliminating the need for a heater in each room. As a bonus the installation of under carpet heater elements will not add significantly to the time required to fit your new carpet, which means that you can start enjoying a cosy home within 24 hours.
Under carpet heating also means that you can choose a heat setting of your choice by using a thermostat, so that whatever the temperature outside, the inside of your home will be comfortable.
If you’re tired of those almost daily trips to the local garage to get gas bottle refills, and tired of having to visit several outlets before you find what you’re looking for then an under carpet heater is the solution to all your heating requirements.
To make sure you have a comfortable winter call Mat Floors on 011 830 1265. We’ll make sure that the under carpet heater you choose is right for your home. Visit us at www.matfloors.co.za for more flooring and heating alternatives.

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