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Under Carpet Heating

Install Under Carpet Heating And Keep Warm In Winter
South Africa’s winter temperatures are not very low; in fact, we can just about get along without freezing. Compared to other countries that get snow in winter, we should be thankful, right? To an extent, but you might have heard it said that people in those countries do not get as cold in winter as we do. That is because they know they cannot survive withoutunder carpet heating in minus-twenty-degree weather. South Africa, on the other hand, does not get quite cold enough that we feel we can justify under carpet heating.
However, this is a mistake because, ironically, it is us who end up shivering at home when it is five degrees outside and not the Canadian or Europeans, who are equipped to handle cold weather. There is really no need to be cold in winter in you can install efficient under carpet heatingin your home. Top quality under carpet heating systems use high-tech heating conductors imported from Germany and France and the best heat-resistant polymers.
Under carpet heating systems normally employ a pure aluminium shield for superior efficiency, thereby reducing electrical running costs. The under carpet heating elements should be custom installed to suit the room and its layout and configuration. Pre-made pads are not ideal, because then you would be limited to their size. The pads should be hand-laid on site to accommodate the characteristics of your space and your individual requirements. Keep in mind that you should only have under carpet heating installed by trained professionals, because a badly planned and/or wrongly installed system can be very inefficient and waste electricity. The heating elements are especially important and should only be supplied by established and trusted suppliers.
Ask the professionals today to install an efficient under carpet heatingsystem in your home and be warm this winter. For more information,contact us.

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