Under Floor Heaters

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Under Floor Heaters

Under floor heaters are the most effective way to heat an entire home.
Winters in South Africa can be unbelievably miserable. Sure, we don’t get snow and blizzards ( or rather haven’t yet, who knows what global warming is bringing our way), but sitting the winter months out in the Cape while rain continues week after week or suffering through a bone chillingly cold Highveld night is not most people’s idea of fun. However there is a cost effective solution at hand – under floor heating. Under floor heaters are the most effective way to heat an entire home. Because the entire floor of a room is in effect a heating panel the sheer size of the heating surface can warm the home much more effectively than other heating solutions.
Usually under floor heating is installed in the largest of the rooms in the home, the lounge and dining room, which allows the whole home to enjoy the effects of the under floor heating system. However home owners should not ignore the other rooms of the home. A chilly winter can be a lot more bearable if when stepping out of the shower one encounters a toasty ward floor, rather than bone chilling cold. Starting a day like this is far preferable than towelling of while shivering.
Under floor heaters are also much more electricity friendly that electric or oil heaters and anything the South African consumer can do to reduce costs in this day and age should be embraced. On a more altruistic note reducing the burden on South Africa’s electricity generating network is to be applauded. Another plus is that there are no more frustrating trips to multiple petrol stations in the hope of finding that elusive gas cylinder. With under floor heating it’s as simple as flicking a switch and adjusting a thermostat
At Mat Floors we can turn a chilly winter into a warm family experience within 24 hours. Call us on 011 830 1265 for a free quote and advice on which under floor heater solution is best for you. Winter can be miserable but with our help you can be warm and happy come rain, sleet or snow (and with global warming promising to make winters even more chilly you’ll be glad you called us).
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