Under Floor Heating In South Africa

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Under Floor Heating In South Africa

Under floor heating in South Africa is growing in popularity.
Under floor heating in South Africa is growing in popularity due to the fact that large areas of the country experience winters that, while not as harsh as some in Europe or the North of the United States are still uncomfortable. In the Cape rain is the order of the day and on the Highveld harsh winter nights can reduce even a Blue Bulls supporter to a shivering mess of a man. So some form of heating is simply a must andunder floor heating in South Africa is becoming more and more popular. Under floor heating is more cost effective than other forms of heating due to its low consumption of electricity and an installation in the two largest rooms of the house (usually the lounge and dining room) can effectively heat an average size home.
However when installing under floor heating the consumer should be aware of other possibilities as well. Heating a bathroom floor can make bath or shower time a much more pleasurable experience even in the harshest winter, while children will appreciate the warmth of a bedroom or playroom floor and make playtime a real pleasure, while having the added benefit of keeping the little one’s from under the feet of Mom and Dad even during the chilliest of winter evenings.
The installation of an under floor heating solution should cause minimum disruption during the floor laying process, typically the installation should add only about a day to the entire project. Your under floor heating specialist will be able to give you an estimate of the time it will take to complete the project. Under floor heating also has a variety of advantages over traditional heating solutions, aside from being more cost effective than traditional approaches like electric or oil heaters, for instance control of the heating levels is much more exact due to the installation of a thermostat and imagine the joy of never having to search for that elusive gas canister ever again.
At Mat Floors we’ve had many year’s of experience in fitting under floor heating in South Africa. Call us on 011 830 1265 and ensure that your winters are turned into warm evenings filled with family fun.
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