Under Floor Heating Installation

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Under Floor Heating Installation

Under floor heating installation is a combination of art and science.
Under floor heating installation is a combination of art and science. The science is in the correct installation procedure, the use of the correct materials and a thorough knowledge of the electrical system of the house in order to assure safety and efficient operation. The art involved in under floor heating installation comes at the very start of the process, when your heating specialist is quoting on the job at hand. Each home is unique and has unique requirements when installing a heating solution, your heating specialist should have a record of successful installations over a number of years and you should have complete faith in their professionalism in order to ensure a stress free installation experience. Feel free to ask any questions you might have prior to the installation process taking place. If you feel at all apprehensive ask for references from previous clients.
The under floor heating installation process itself should not add any appreciable time to any flooring installation, for the average sized house a half day should be sufficient for the heating solution to be put in place. Always ensure that the installers are professional and have sufficient experience in installing under floor heating solutions, a do it yourself approach is not recommended for installing under floor heating, as with any job involving electricity it is always preferable to seek help from experts.
Always make sure that the products to be used for the under floor heating come from a reputable manufacturer and are SABS approved for use in South Africa. This will ensure that you experience many happy years in a warm, comfortable and safe home. All products should come with a guarantee, those that do not may be of suspect quality. When choosing an under floor heating solution carefully consider which rooms in the house will be fitted with the heating, the most usual approach is to fit the under floor heating in the largest rooms in the house, namely the lounge and dining room. However, do not underestimate the pleasure of warm tiles in the bathroom or an afternoon spent in a warm study.
For a profession approach to under floor heating installation give us a call on 011 830 1265. all our heating elements are supplied by a South African manufacturer who has been in the business for two decades, with Mat Floors your peace of mind is assured.

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