Under Floor Heating Johannesburg

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Under Floor Heating Johannesburg

Mat Floors are under floor heating specialists in Johannesburg.
The principle of this type of central heating has been around for centuries, first being used by the Romans. Initially being used by the rich, it became more and more routine in public buildings and villas chiefly in the colder parts of the Empire. Under floor heating can be accomplished in three different ways – either hot water, hot air or electricity. The only practical method that can be used in Johannesburg is electrical heating. Electrical central heating is not visible to the naked eye, and so it has a high aesthetic value.
Carpets and floor tiles are a good surface under which to install under floor heating, though the heating wired or pads need to be installed before laying down tiles or a fitted carpet. This makes it far easier to install when a Johannesburg dwelling is first being constructed. An experienced do-it-yourself enthusiast can install under floor heating, but we recommend that it is always best installed by professionals. Mat Floors is a Johannesburg based company specializing in installing this type of heating. If this type of heating is not installed properly it can lead to excessive amounts of power being used – this is not good with the current price of electricity.
Great care has to be taken when laying down under floor heating beneath a laminated floor. Some laminates are restricted to a maximum temperature of 27³C, so it is essential to check whether the two are compatible if this is to be the case.

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