Under Floor Heating

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Under Floor Heating

For expert advice and a free quote on under floor heating give us a call.
South Africa is a country of extreme weather conditions, from stormy Cape winters to the freezing Highveld conditions, contrasting with balmy summer days. In these conditions under floor heating provides a simple, efficient and cost effective cure for the winter blues. Under floor heating removes the necessity of oil, electrical and gas heaters and spreads warmth throughout the house. Many of us have experienced the frustration of finding gas cylinders during the bleak winter months, but with the installation of an under floor heating solution those frustrating days are a thing of the past. Aside from energy effectiveness under floor heating is also much safer than traditional heating solutions, both oil and gas heaters can be dangerous when not handled correctly, an under floor solution is much safer.
Under floor heating also has all the advantages of traditional heating solutions. The system can be set to any level in order to deal with any weather conditions. No matter what the temperature outside with an under floor heating system your home will always be a t a temperature that’s just right for your family and in the summer the system can be switched off completely to save on electricity. A good point to take into account when considering installing under floor heating is that once installed the entire floor becomes the heating surface, this means that the heating temperature is lower than most conventional systems, again leading to a net energy saving.
Installing under floor heating is a relatively quick process and should not add too muck time onto any project where new flooring is being installed, usually about half a day. In South Africa there are two basic forms of under floor heating that can be fitted underneath either carpet or tile. The first is where heating cables are laid down, forming loops under the flooring, the second is a more modern approach where heating mats are cut to size and then installed prior to the floor covering being laid down. Your heating specialist will be able to advise you on which system will best suit your needs.
For expert advice and a free quote on under floor heating give us a call on 011 830 1265, remember quoting for the installation of an under floor heating solution is more of an art than a science, each house is unique, at Mat Floors we make sure that your quote is correct with no nasty surprises.

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