Under Tile Heating Installations

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Under Tile Heating Installations

Under tile heating installations can make winter more comfortable.
Summer is nearly over and winter is around the corner. It is time to bring out the heaters, coats, jackets and thick woolly blankets from storage. But if you have chosen to replace your old carpets before winter withwooden, laminate or tiled floors, you might want to consider under tile heating installations or it may be a very cold winter indeed. There are many forms of under-floor heating systems available, depending on what material you will be laying the heating system under. Under floor heating systems can also be very costly, and have an impact on your electricity bill. However you can still achieve substantial savings if you consider how many times you’d otherwise be filling gas bottles during the course of winter. Most experts in under tile heating installations will recommend that you leave the heater on 24 hours a day as it takes a quite long for the system to reach the required temperature and turning it off means you will not achieve a constant temperature in your living area.
To make under tile heating installations a more cost effective addition to your home or business, it is important to note that it is not necessary to install the system through an entire building or home. Placing the heating system in the areas that are most used will not only save you costs on the installation but on your electricity bill too. Smaller areas that can easily be heated by a small space heater or gas heater will also not requireunder floor heating. Bathrooms and kitchen areas may also not requireunder floor heating. Investing in a solar panel to assist in the cost of running the under floor heating system is also a viable option.
An under floor heating system must be installed by a professional. Just think about the hazards that incorrect installation can have. For example wiring that is not covered properly can cause bad electric shocks and burn our entire circuit boards. Make sure that the manufacturer of the heating system is also reputable.
Do not cut corners in order to ensure that you are purchasing cost effective, intelligent under tile heating installations. For further information on these products and services visit www.matfloors.co.za or call us on 011 830-1265.
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