Under Tile Heating

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Under Tile Heating

Under tile heating can take the Brrrrr out of winter
It’s that time of year again. In Gauteng the municipal workers are trimming the sides of the verges in anticipation of the veld fires of winter and in the Cape the raincoats are being aired. But there’s one thing that both these regions have in common and that’s the fact that it’s going to be cold. Really, really cold for the next couple of months. Although in South Africa we’re blessed with a winter that doesn’t last that long, what it lacks for in length it can make up for in ferocity. Many of us have not so fond memories of searching for a full gas cylinder, going from gas outlet to gas outlet in a frustrating circle, often as not returning empty handed to the accusing stares of our loved one’s. If you have a home that is tiled, then the search for gas cylinders takes on a new urgency. The feeling of unheated tiles on the soles of one’s feet is not a pleasant one. But there is an energy efficient and simple answer to the winter blues. Install under tile heating. Under tile heating can save the household significant amounts of money by impacting positively on the energy bill and can add thousands of Rands of value to the property. If you’re selling your house in winter and have under tile heating you can expect to receive a premium when it comes to the sale price.
If you’re considering new flooring then under floor heating should be on your radar. The installation of under floor heating doesn’t add much to the time it takes to install your new flooring and if the largest room in the house is equipped with heating elements then this should be sufficient to warm an entire average sized home.
Under tile heating will put an end to those annoying trips to the local garage to get your hands on the rare full gas cylinder and it’s safe. For those with young children in the house the safety of under tile heating makes this heating source even more attractive.
If you want to enjoy a shiver free winter give the under tile heatingexperts at Mat Floors a call on 011 830 1265, or visit us atwww.matfloors.co.za. We’ll make sure that your home is a haven from the elements, and give you a guarantee to boot.

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