Underfloor Heating

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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is not a new idea.
Underfloor heating is not a new idea – it was probably first used by the Romans. Initially the realm of the rich, it became increasingly commonplace in public buildings and villas, predominantly in the colder regions of the Roman Empire. There are three methods of underfloor heating, either electrical or by using hot water pipes or the circulation of hot air. Electrical heating is the only practical method used in South Africa as far as we are aware. One great advantage of this type of heating as opposed to a central heating system that employs radiators is its aesthetic value, since it is literally invisible as opposed to those ugly radiators of a typical central heating system.
Although the experienced do-it-yourself enthusiast can install underfloor heating, we believe that it is always best when installed by professionals. More than anything else this is because they have the regular installation practice and will usually do the job much faster than an individual.
Care has to be taken with some of the materials beneath whichunderfloor heating is to be installed. For example many laminates are restricted to a temperature of 27ºC, and for this type of setting great care has to be takes in order to avoid that temperature being reached or exceeded.
Carpets and floor tiles do make a good medium under which to install such a system. If you’d like to know any more about underfloor heatingand its implications, why not give us a call us at 011 852 5182 for further information.

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