Underfloor Heating

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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating Provides Comfort and Pleasure
During those cold evenings everyone wants to snuggle up to the heater. There is nothing cosier than a warm spot on a cold winter’s night. But then you have to get up to fetch a snack, make some coffee or answer the phone. The problem with a heater is the heat is often localised, which means you now have to walk into the freezing cold. Not to mention the icy tiles underfoot that most houses feature today. Underfloor heating gives you the opportunity to avoid this discomfort and relax in a warm and cosy atmosphere. While underfloor heating has not been as commonplace in South Africa as overseas until now, it is now easier than ever to install in your home and also more affordable than you might think.
Mat Floors specialise in the supply and installation of underfloor heating. Whether it is a new building or an existing house, we can provide you with underfloor heating solutions that are tailor-made to suit your needs. Not only do we strive to provide you with a quality system at competitive rates, but we also take care to advise you on an installation that will be energy wise and thus cost effective to use.
We have the necessary products and expertise to provide you with underfloor heating for carpet, tile and laminate floors, to mention a few only. The underfloor heating can be installed while a house is being built by incorporating the heating pads into the floor before the floor covering is installed. In existing houses the heat pads will have to be placed on top of the floor before being covered by a ‘floating floor’ – a carpet or laminate floor installed over the underfloor heating.
Mat Floors provides you with the expertise of professional people to advise and guide you as to your requirements ensuring an efficientunderfloor heating system. To quote for a particular area or a complete house is an art, which is only acquired after years of experience. We have this necessary experience and can provide you with a free and accurate quote. For more information on underfloor heating and to request your quote, contact us at Mat Floors.
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