Underfloor Tile Heating

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Underfloor Tile Heating

The current trend in radiant heating in South Africa is towards underfloor tile heating.
The current trend in radiant heating in South Africa is towards underfloor tile heating, where a network of pipes, tubing or heating cables is buried in or attached beneath a floor, allowing a gentle heat to rise into the room.
Best results are had with conductive flooring materials such as tile. The large surface area of such room-sized radiators allows them to be kept just a few degrees above desired room temperature, minimalizing convection. Such systems offer a high level of comfort, but are more expensive in new construction than less efficient systems and generally difficult to retrofit into existing buildings.
Underfloor tile heating is not a new idea – it was probably first used by the Romans. In early days it was only used by the rich, but became increasingly routine in public buildings and villas, chiefly in the colder regions of the Roman Empire. In pre-Roman times underfloor tile heatingwas a rare and somewhat radical technology in a world that typically relied on open fireplaces.
But not only were fireplaces inefficient in warming an entire room, they were dangerous as well from the risk of fire and smoke inhalation. Although the experienced do-it-yourself enthusiast can install underfloor tile heating, it is always best when installed by professionals. More than anything else this is because they have the regular installation practice and will usually carry out a job much faster than an individual.
Carpets and floor tiles do make a good medium under which to install such a system. If you’d like to know any more about underfloor tile heating and its implications, why not give us a call us at 011 830 1265 for further information.

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