Undertile Heating

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Undertile Heating

By far the easiest and certainly the most practical method of undertile heating.
There is nothing more miserable than a cold home in Winter, and nothing more comforting than a blazing fire. Sadly though, very few houses in South Africa have a fireplace, so we must resort to more traditional methods, and what could be more traditional than undertile heating – it is the oldest form of heating and has been around since Roman times some 2000 years ago.
There are three ways that this can be accomplished, by electricity, hot water pipes, or by circulating hot air. By far the easiest and certainly the most practical method of undertile heating, especially in an existing building, is by electricity. The great thing about it is that, with the exception of a small thermostat on the wall, it is completely invisible.
It is possible for an experienced amateur to install undertile heatinghimself, but we sincerely recommend that if you are considering having such a system installed, you have the work carried out by professionals.
There are two main reasons for this. Firstly they have the experience since they do this work every workday, and secondly because they will almost certainly get the job finished faster. They will first lay an insulated resistance wire, ideally on a layer of insulation boards, especially if the sub-floor is a concrete slab.
The cable is then covered with a proective layer before the tiles are laid down. If you’d like to know any more about undertile heating and its implications, why not give us a call us at 011 830 1265 for further information.

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