Wood Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring
Wood Laminate Flooring

The Benefits of Using Wood Laminate Flooring
Traditional wooden floors are a wonderful addition to any home; which is why wood laminate flooring is such a preferred choice for many. They imitate the look of real wooden floors, but offer other benefits that are very appealing and make them a very popular style choice for decorators and home owners alike.
Wood laminate flooring is very easy to install; and an accredited installer will take care of your installation in no time. You simply need to ensure that your room has the ideal temperature and climate, so that the installers can begin to lay the vapour barrier. When this has been done, the laminate flooring can be added. You need to ensure that the doors will be able to open without any obstruction; so make sure that you test this first, before you finish the rest of the floor. Also allow for a small gap between the end of the laminate flooring and the wall, to allow it to contract and expand when necessary. Installing wood laminate floors is not very time consuming; which is another benefit to contractors and installers.

Wood laminate flooring consists of a base layer or backing board, with a layer of paper covering it. On top of this you will find a transparent layer of protective film, which adds durability to the flooring. This protective layer also allows it to be water resistant as well. Wood laminate floors can last very long; typically between 10 and 25 years. If they are properly looked after, they will retain their beauty and style.
For stains, simply use a damp cloth or mop to clean, and for dust around the edges you can use your vacuum cleaner. To protect the floors from scratches you can use small felt pads underneath your furniture. Other than that, these floors don’t need a lot of maintenance; which makes them a very attractive choice to go with.
Installing wood laminate flooring also brings with it a health benefit; since they accumulate less dust than regular floors, and also doesn’t hold residual stain contaminants on the surface. Stains are easy to clean compared to carpets; and pet owners will love laminate flooring as well. These type of floors come in different styles; and you can find transition strips, end caps, mouldings and baseboards to fit your needs.
These floors are durable enough to withstand a lot of traffic, and they are perfect for families with kids and dogs as well. If you are looking for reliability, style and durability, wood laminate flooring is ideal for your home.

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