Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring
Laminate Flooring

What is Laminate Flooring?
When looking to do the flooring in your home or office, you have to consider all your options. Of course you should be asking yourself; “What is laminate flooring and how can it benefit my home or office?”
Laminate flooring is a flooring product that consists of multiple layers of synthetics that are fused together by means of lamination. This particular type of flooring has vast aesthetic appeal as it is designed to look like either wood or stone. This is done by means of a photographic layer which is sealed under a clear protective layer (on the surface). Melamine resin and fibre board usually make up the inner core of this product. Laminate flooring is known to be popular due to its low cost, resistance to wear and tear – it is a very durable product. This means that it is not easily stained, scratched or even burned with cigarettes. The back of the product is usually coated with an adhesive layer which makes it easier to install. The flooring is manufactured in a number of planks which are called tongue and groove planks. These planks make the floor easy to install as they click into each other. A foam or rubber underlay is used beneath the flooring to assist with sound reduction (when walking on the floor) and prevent moisture from settling in.
This type of flooring is particularly popular amongst those that suffer from allergies or asthma as well as those who wish for their home or office to have a modern and attractive look. It is important to clean and care for your flooring properly as dust, sand and other particles may scratch and soil the decorative surface over time, especially if you have a large amount of traffic passing through particular areas. Two of the major benefits of installing flooring of this kind are its hygienic and easy cleaning characteristics.
If you are looking for laminate flooring for your home or office, or would simply like to discuss the options and rates available to you, then contact Mat Floors today. They will provide you with a wealth of valuable information and advice.
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