What you need to know about astro turf

What you need to know about astro turf

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Need perfectly manicured, ever-green grass that stays that way all year round with minimal work? Astro turf is the answer. What is this astro turf, you may ask.

At the most basic level astro turf is artificial grass. It looks and feels like real grass. It is often used for sports fields as they are high traffic areas, especially those that are often booked on a weekly basis. It needs minimal maintenance, and you don’t have to wait for it to grow. Choosing astro turf as a solution will also save you the money that you would have used watering the grass and buying growth enhancers.

Is astro turf safe for pets?

Many people who buy astro turf have pets. Even some humane societies and pet boarding facilities have synthetic turf. The only concern might be for the turf if your pet pees on it. In the case that it happens, spray off the pee with water and it should be fine. The turf will not be damaged by digging pets though, as it was designed to be durable, keeping in mind that pets do dig up grass.

How do you maintain it?

Very little can actually stain the turf, like oil and paint or even chlorine. Other than that, you will have to clean it up once a month using a leaf blower or simply brushing it against its natural grain to make the blades stand up and remove all dirt.


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