Wholesale Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring
Wholesale Laminate Flooring

Any wholesale laminate flooring needs to have a backing.
One of the best ways of giving an old room a makeover is to make use of, which can completely transform a room from a drab beginning to a bright end almost instantaneously. A laminated floor is the obvious choice for the modern homeowner with an active family. It has a number of interesting characteristics. Any wholesale laminate flooring needs to have a backing – this can be either foam or rubber, but you should budget for the best that you can afford for the best heating results.
The backing is there for several reasons, firstly to cushion the wholesale laminate flooring when you walk on it, secondly to insulate the heat from migrating downwards into the substrate, which may well be concrete, and finally to add a sound-proofing effect.
Today’s wholesale laminate flooring has a wear-resistant attractive surface that is made of resin-based melamine. This layer is bonded to a moisture-resistant wood-based interior, and a balanced backing bonded to its underside.
The upper resin-filled layer of the wholesale laminate flooring is very dense, making the planks extremely difficult to stain, scratch or burn. Flooring planks fit together with a 4th generation click system – the planks are literally clicked into one another at a 30º angle. This fitting together is extremely easy.
If you are considering having a laminated floor installed in your home, you should first contact us to see what patterns are available. If you would like us to carry out the installation for you we will be only too happy – simply give us a call at 011 830 1265 for further information.

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