Wholesale Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring

Wholesale Laminate Flooring

What to look out for when purchasing wholesale laminate flooring
If you’re a flooring specialist then it stands to reason that you would always be on the lookout for wholesale laminate flooring at good prices. However, price cannot be your only guide. If you want to keep your clients happy and grow your business through word of mouth and avoid the pitfalls of return visits to fix problems with the floors that you’ve installed then you need to make sure that value for money is combined with quality. Wholesale laminate flooring is widely available from outlets across South Africa, however quality can be an issue with some of the imported products. In the past few year’s imports from the Far East have increased dramatically and while many of these imported products are of a high quality there are some which are shoddily made or which feature questionable materials. Three guidelines to take into account when purchasing wholesale laminate flooring are to enquire how long the products have been in use in South Africa, whether or not the laminate flooring has a SABS seal of approval and whether the products have a guarantee. If the answer is positive to these three questions then the flooring installer can be reasonably certain that they’re purchasing products that are not going to cause problems in the medium to long term and that they can then in turn offer their clients a guarantee as to the quality of the products.
It is possible for the consumer to purchase laminate flooring at wholesale prices, some bargains are to be had when lines are at an end or where smaller areas need to be covered and end of stock items are available. However it’s a case of let the buyer beware. If you’re going to purchase end of stock laminate flooring you should know that in the event of damage it’s going to be harder to find stock that matches the laminate flooring that you have installed.
In short there are bargains to be had, both for the professional installer and for the average consumer, however the golden rule is not to ignore the quality of the products that you are purchasing.
For quality wholesale laminate flooring give the experts at Mat Floors a call on 011 830 1265, or visit us at www.matfloors.co.za. We’ll give you a guarantee that will ensure peace of mind.

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