Wholesale Laminate Suppliers

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Wholesale Laminate Suppliers

Contact the Best Wholesale Laminate Suppliers in Johannesburg
When looking for wholesale laminate suppliers in Johannesburg, Gauteng, there is simply one place to go – Mat Floors. This particular company is one that directly imports laminate flooring, making them the ideal company to approach if you are looking for cost effective rates and value for money.
Laminated flooring was hugely successful in Europe before its popularity started growing in South Africa. Not only does laminate flooring look modern and trendy, but is highly functional too. Wholesale laminate suppliers such as Mat Floors will ensure that you are only supplied with a flooring product that is of the utmost best quality. This means that you can expect your laminate flooring to be moisture resistant, difficult to scratch or burn and even wear resistant. This type of flooring is even well suited to areas where there is a high through flow of traffic. Laminate flooring comes in various colours and textures making it easy for clients to find the type that best suits their home and decor preferences. There are colour coded and scratch proof skirting’s also available to ensure uniformity and neatness of each room.
Mat Floors supplies each laminate floor with a foam underlay. This is usually glued to the underside of the floor panels to ensure that they are cushioned and do not shift excessively. The option to have rubber underlay’s to reduce walking noise is also available. If you allow Mat Floors to install your floors for you, you can expect them to provide a 2 year installation warranty while all flooring supplied comes with a 15 year surface wear warranty that is backed by the actual supplier. This should give you complete peace of mind that when investing in laminate flooring, you are investing in a top quality product that is designed to last.
Contact Mat Floors if you are looking for wholesale laminate suppliers in Gauteng. They will undoubtedly have absolutely everything that you need.
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