Wood And Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring
Wood And Laminate Flooring

The Difference Between Wood And Laminate Flooring
What is the difference between wood and laminate flooring? From a visual and cosmetic perspective, very little. In fact, laminate wood-look flooring so closely approximates hardwood flooring that most people do not even notice a difference. High-quality photographs of a hardwood floor are used on the top cosmetic layer of a laminate floor, so it looks just like the real thing.
Hardwood floors are satisfying to the touch and to walk on, but their main disadvantage remains cost. They are expensive to install, especially the higher-grade floors that exhibit small differences in shade, with few knots. Another difference between wood and laminate flooring is that wood flooring should be installed above grade, whereas laminate flooring may not only be installed either above or below grade, but on top of virtually any other type of existing flooring as well.
Of course, on a technical level, wood and laminate flooring differ widely. Wood flooring use real wood of several millimetres thick or a real wood veneer; laminate flooring, on the other hand, is constructed around a robust high-density fibreboard (HDF), to which the cosmetic, wear-resistant, resin-based melamine top layer is laminated. On its other side, it is bonded to a balancing backing. The floor rests on a foam underlay, but a rubber underlay can also be specified, which makes the floor quieter to walk on. Laminate floors last for many years and the high density of the cosmetic layer makes it highly resistant to scratching and staining.
Considering the large price difference between wood and laminate flooring, consider the latter for your home today. Choose the cost-effective, durable and elegant solution. Mat Floors is your laminate flooring specialist in Gauteng, so contact us.

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