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Where Do You Find The Best Wood Floor Supplier?
A wood floor supplier may be able to offer you the style of a wooden floor, but often at a prohibitive cost. Consequently, you may be expecting that style and quality are mutually exclusive. However, you would be wrong. A quick look at how far laminate flooring solutions have come in recent years will present a convincing case of “less is more”. It may not be a hardwood floor, but your laminate floor will certainly look like one and cost a whole lot less.
You see, a laminate floor is made of a tough wood-based, moisture-resistant high-density fibreboard (HDF). This core is extremely hard and durable and forms a stable base for the wear-resistant, resin-based melamine top layer, which can be made to look like any finish, whether it is granite, bamboo or the best hardwood floor from your local – and expensive – wood floor supplier. This whole ensemble is bonded to a balancing backing, which rests on a foam underlay. Alternatively, a rubber underlay can be used, which is quieter to walk on.
A hardwood floor should only be installed above grade, but a laminate floor can be installed either above grade or below grade, or on top of virtually any type of existing floor. Because the different elements of a laminate floor are bonded (laminated) together, it makes for a superbly strong and stable surface. In addition, it is often very hard to tell the difference between a hardwood floor and a wood-look laminate floor, because high-quality photographs of hardwood are used for the laminate’s surface. However, the biggest advantage of laminate floors remains their eminently reasonable price.
If you are bent on having a beautiful wooden floor in your home, but you balk at the cost, compare the quote of your wood floor supplier with that of Mat Floors for a beautiful wood-look laminate floor. You might find it is the only encouragement you need. Contact us today.
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