Wooden Flooring In Johannesburg

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Wooden Flooring In Johannesburg

Install A Classy Alternative To Wooden Flooring In Johannesburg
There are several suppliers offering expensive wooden flooring in Johannesburg. However, what do you do if you love the ambience and appearance of a wooden floor, but you balk at the high price of admission? You simply install laminate flooring that looks exactly like a wooden floor, but at a far lower price. The fact that the cosmetic layer of a laminate floor happens to be a high-quality print of real wood is of academic value when people find it virtually impossible to tell the difference.
Be sensible today and consider the advantages of laminate flooring. Consider that it looks just like wood, but without making the demands on nature that hardwood floors do. You walk on a tough, resin-based melamine floor that looks like the real thing, but requires less maintenance and is virtually impervious to casual damage, scratching or burns by cigarette. As we have mentioned, it is also significantly cheaper than any type of wooden floor in Johannesburg.
Underneath the cosmetic laminate layer is HDF (high-density fibreboard), which forms a stable walking surface. It is extremely moisture resistant and bonded to a balancing backing to form the complete laminate floor plank – these can be between 6mm and 17mm thick. Underneath the planks goes the underlay; normally, a foam underlay is used, but a rubber underlay (which costs a little more) provides for a more quiet-walking floor. A big advantage of laminate flooring is that it can be installed either above grade or below grade and on top of virtually any type of existing flooring.
Come home to the quality and style of the best laminate flooring today when you deal with Mat Floors. Our laminate floors resemble the bestwooden flooring in Johannesburg at far lower cost, yet the installation is guaranteed for two years and the wear surface for fifteen years. Contact us today.

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