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Wooden Floors

Wooden Floors for Your Home
Genuine wooden floors are usually made from hard pine or hard woods. Standard wooden flooring is usually supplied in an unfinished form. It is installed and then sanded down and treated. There are more advanced methods of installing wooden floors that have been pre-finished in the factory and treated with a polyurethane finish before it is installed. Aluminium oxide is then added which increases the wear that wooden flooring is able to handle over a certain period of time.
Wooden floors are usually installed over wooden sub-floors by making use of a nail down method. Installing a wooden floor over cement is not recommended due to the fact that they expand and contract depending on the moisture present in the air and the temperature. Wooden flooring is a preferred floor type due to its ability to be easily cleaned. Damp mopping, sweeping and vacuuming are all that will be required to keep your wooden floor clean. Making sure that the wood is treated regularly will ensure that it remains in tip top shape. This type of flooring can give your home that modern and trendy appeal. If you would like to save on flooring costs and maintenance costs then having laminate flooring installed will be in your best interests. This particular type of flooring is designed to perfectly imitate wood and is installed in panels which easily click into each other. A layer of foam or rubber is placed beneath the flooring in order to reduce walking noise.
If you are looking for the modern and trendy appeal of a wooden floor without having to fork out the additional finances then Mat Floors has just what you need. Their range of flooring options are bound to provide you with something that suits both your budget and needs.
Contact Mat Floors for more useful information and advice on havingwooden floors installed in your home today.

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